Who knows what the world will look like tomorrow

post, Jul 8, 2023, on Mitja Felicijan's blog

This site has gone through a lot of changes over the years. From being written in Flask and Bottle to moving on to static site generators. I have used and tested probably 10s of them my now. From homebrew solutions to the biggest and the baddest. From Bash scripts to Node.js disasters. I've seen some things, no doubt. Not all bad.

I have been closely observing the web and where the trends are going, and I don't like what I see. Instead of internet being this weird place where experimentation is happening, it all became stale and formulized. Boring, actually. Really boring. And sad. Where is that old, revolutionary FU spirit I remember? It's still there, I know. But it's being drowned by the voices of mediocrity and formulaic boredom.

It almost feels like that the internet stopped for 10 years and only now something has started happening. With all the insanity around the world. People hating people without actual reasons, just because it's fashionable to hate and crowd is saying so. Sad state of affairs.

All this is contributing to this overall negativity masked as apathy. Everybody walking in lockstep. Instead of being creative and bold, we are just re-inventing the world and making the same mistakes. Maybe, just maybe, some things are good enough and there is no need to try to be too smart for our own good. After N-attempts, maybe something should click inside our heads to maybe say: "This thing, opinion, etc. is actually really good, and even after several attempts it still holds."

The older I get, the more careful I am of my own thoughts and why I think the way I think. More and more, I try to understand people with opposite opinions. Far from perfect, but closer to bearable. And then I see people hearing or reading a thing on internet and let's fucking goooooo! Strong opinions are a sign of a weak and uneducated mind. I am more and more sure of this.

It's gotten to a point where you can with great certainty deduce a person's personality based on one or two opinions. How boring have we become. No wonder people can't talk to each other. These would be very quick conversations anyway.

I just got remembered of a song, "Hi Ren". The ending talks about being stiff and not being able to dance. Such an amazing metaphor. And we as people have gone so far, we can't even walk or even crawl normally anymore. We have forgotten that the most beautiful things in life have a great deal of uncertainty about them. We want instant gratification. Not only that, but we want absolute obedience. Complete control over others, because we have zero control of ourselves. And all the lies we could tell ourselves will not help us out of this situation.

It is funny how I catch myself from time to time being a complete idiot. It's like having an outer body experience. I can see myself being an idiot, and cannot stop myself. It serves as a learning lesson to stop before speaking. To think before saying. And to crawl before walking.

So there is still time. We can dance once more. All we need to do is stop for a second. Me and you. Us two is a start. Let's not try to change the world, but rather nudge ourselves just a tiny bit. And if we only did that?! Just imagine. Each of us nudged ourselves a small, tiny bit, the world would heal. If we would just put down the phones and ignored Internet for a day or two. Put visiting websites that feed on us on hold. Listened to just one sentence and try to understand it from a person who we completely disagree with. I truly believe that this is possible.

Life is about suffering and joy. And instead of wishing suffering on others and excepting joy for yourselves, we should for a brief moment want suffering for ourselves and wish joy on others. Wouldn't that be an amazing sight to see?

I caught myself hating on Rust. And I deeply thought about it afterward. Why did I do it? It is obviously not for me. So why the hell was I being so negative towards it? I think that I know the answer. I was negative because that is easy. Because it's much easier to hate on things than to say to yourself: "Well, you know what? This is not for me. I will focus on creation and not destruction. This is who I want to be. This is what fills me with joy and purpose." Where joy is keeping me happy and purpose scares the shit out of me and keeps me honest. This is who I want to be. Admit to myself when I am wrong and accept the faults that I have without reservation and with courage march on.

I just realized that this blog post is a sort of therapy for me. It's cathartic. Going thought the history of this site and remembering all the decisions and annoyances that came with it. When I was cursing at the tools. And time moved on, and the site is still here. It serves as a reminder that perseverance wins at the end. If we just let things go.

This came with a decision that simplifying life and removing all the unnecessary negativity is key. Rather than worrying about what the internet is saying, what the world is trying to take from you, you are the only one who can say no. And create instead of destroy.

I don't have an ending for this post, so I will say this. We live in the most amazing times in the recorded history, and we should be internally grateful for it. Create and study, this should be my mantra. Just create and let the world happen. And when you feel yourself to be too certain, stop and check how deep in the shit you are already. Strong opinions are a sign of a weak and uneducated mind. Hate and disdain is for the weak.

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