Microsoundtrack — That sound that machine makes when struggling

post, Oct 16, 2022, on Mitja Felicijan's blog

A couple of months ago, I got an idea about micro soundtracks. In this concept, you are the observer, director, and audience in this tiny movies.

What you do is to attempt to imagine what would be happening around you based on a title of the song and let the song help you fill the void in your story.

I made these songs is Logic Pro X. Every year or so I do this kind of thing and make a couple of songs similar to this. But this is the first time I am posting about it.

You can listen to the whole set on Youtube or scroll down the page and there are embedded players for each song.

A bunch of inter-dimensional people with loud clocks

A group of inter-dimensional people are going up and down the elevator with you while having loud clocks around their necks. Each clock ticks on a different frequency. A lot of other sounds are getting drawn into your dimension, resulting in a strange merging of dimensions.

Two black holes conversing about the weather

You are a traveler in a spaceship flying very close to two colliding black holes having a discussion about the weather while tearing each other apart. During all this your ship is getting pulled into the event horizon of both black holes, putting a lot of strain on your spaceship.

A planet where every organism is a plant

You land on a planet where every living organism is a plant and among those plants some of them are highly intelligent, and you were asked to make first contact with the native species. Your visit takes place in a giant cave where you are meeting these plants, and they are talking to you.

Bio implants having a fit and reprogramming your brain

In a distant future where everybody has bio implants, you have just received your first one, which happens to be a brain implant. Something goes wrong, and your implant is starting to misbehave, and you are experiencing brain malfunctions. You are on the streets at night a couple of hours after your procedure. You can feel your sanity breaking down.

Cow animation

I also made this little cow animation. Go into full screen to see the effects in more details.