Most likely to succeed in the year of 2011

post, Jan 13, 2011, on Mitja Felicijan's blog

The year of 2010 was definitely the year of Geo-location. The market responded beautifully and lots of very cool services were launched. We all have to thank the mobile market for such extensive adoption. With new generations of mobile phones that are not only buffed with high-tech hardware but are also affordable. We can now manage tasks that were not so long time ago, almost Star Trek’ish. And all this had and has great influence on the destination to which we are going now.

Reading all this articles about new innovation about new thriving technologies makes me wonder what’s the next step. The future is the mesh, like Lisa Gansky said in her book The Mesh.

Many still have conservative views on distributed systems. The problems with security of information. Fear of not controlling every aspect of information flow. I am very opened to distributed systems and heterogeneous applications, and I think this is the correct and best way to proceed.

This year will definitely be about communication platforms. Mobile to mobile. Machine to mobile and vice versa. All the tech is available and ready to put into action. Wireless is today’s new mantra. And the concept of semantic web is now ready for industry.

Applications and developers now can gain access to new layers of systems and can prepare and build solutions to meet the high quality needs of market. The speed is everything now.

My vote goes to “Machine to Machine” and “Embedded Systems”!