LED technology might not be as eco-friendly as you think

There is a lot of talk about LED technology. It is beginning to infiltrate industry at a fast rate, and it’s a challenge for designers and also engineers. I wondered when a weakness will be revealed. Then I stomped on an article talking about harm in using LED technology. It looks like this magical technology is not so magical and eco-friendly.

A new study from the University of California indicates that LED lights contain toxic metals, and should be produced, used and disposed of carefully. Besides the lead and nickel, the bulbs and their associated parts were also found to contain arsenic, copper, and other metals that have been linked to different cancers, neurological damage, kidney disease, hypertension, skin rashes and other illnesses in humans, and to ecological damage in waterways.

Since then, I haven’t yet found any regulation for disposal of LED lights or any other regulation or standard. This might be a problem in the future. And it is a massive drawback. This might have quite an impact on consumer market.

Nevertheless, there is a potential, and I am sure the market will adapt. I also hope I will be reading documents regarding solution for this concern soon.

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