Extending dte editor

note, May 31, 2023, on Mitja Felicijan's blog

dte is an interesting editor I started using lately more and more. Since it is using execvp() it can be easily extended. I needed comment/uncomment feature so I created a small utility that does this for me. Code lives on repository dte extensions but this utilities can be used for whatever you want. Make sure you have version 1.11 or above.

Next one will be invoking formatter based on the type of a file.

My config that works for me.

set show-line-numbers true;
set tab-width 4;
set case-sensitive-search false;

# Special aliases
alias m_comment 'exec -s -i line -o buffer -e errmsg ~/.dte/bin/comment'
alias m_format 'save; exec go fmt .; reload'
alias m_duplicate 'copy;paste';

# Useful aliases.
alias m_force_close 'quit -f';
alias m_reload 'close; open $FILE'

# Key bindings.
bind M-s save;
bind M-q m_force_close;
bind M-z refresh;
bind C-down blkdown;
bind C-up blkup;
bind C-_ m_comment;
bind M-. m_format;
bind C-d m_duplicate;

# Syntax highlighting.
hi preproc magenta;
hi keyword red;
hi linenumber blue;
hi comment cyan;

Other notes