You do not learn by relaxing. You learn by violently assaulting your problem until it surrenders its mysteries to you.

What I am currently working on

Semi-live status of things to keep myself honest!

Project nameWhat is being worked on?Last update
i3blocksTesting blocks: cpu, ram, disk and nvidia gpu.12th of July, 2023
ErrandWorking on re-implementating the whole thing in C.7th of July, 2023
JBMAFPFixing minor issues and writing docs.8th of July, 2023
MarionetteImplementing HTTP server for viewing reports.6th of July, 2023

More long form, ramblings etc

Notes?! Maybe useful

Side projects I work/worked on

cord.hSmall C library for handling strings
mprogressTiny utility that displays progress bar in terminal
journalctl-proxyExposes your systemd logs to web via web interface
redis-marshalLightweight Redis data exploration tool
dna-encodingTools for encoding files to DNA sequence
vertexCreate mock API's and add basic logic to simplify prototyping
scarecrowMinimal configuration reverse proxy